The third part of the workshop will
be trying to connect the body perception in space. To relate it to
the know ledge of space with the quality of the movements. Always trying to keep connected to the body as well as to the space and the
volume around the body. Relating
the body to the space through the movements, by being aware and
using tools such as changing directions, speed levels, plane levels and body tone.

This third part contains a great deal
of guided improvisations, where the focus will be to continue the movements in our inner space, while expanding them slowly into the
global space. The tools which have been introduced along the workshop will guide the body to move and help each mover to overcome the
difficulties of moving in the space.

The idea is to give each mover a structure so he or she will not feel
lost while performing or moving. It's about learning how to stick with the movement and to keep the interest, when we have to create, and use
the pressure and the anxiety to
move instead of blocking and panicking. By understanding the
body from the inside will make the movements clearer and more
organic and the mind calmer and
more confident.

We are not looking to teach a certain technique, which form the body in
one specific direction. It's more like methods you can use on any kind of technique and which helps you,
protect your body. During the workshop we hand out these
methods or tools, which each person can use and play with how ever they find interesting.

It's tools to find the creativity in the

The visual, energetic and emotional
information will stay after the
workshop because we continuously
work with the awareness of the
movement. It makes is almost
impossible to through away. The
exercise to observe and becoming
aware of what we observe are useful
and valuable tools for life.
The purpose of the workshop is to
make the inner body awareness
clearer, which is something that all
kind of movers no matter the level
can use.