ThisMovement Workshop is suitable for persons, who are interested in exploring the creativity of the body through movement and sensation. Expanding the body's consciousness and anatomical structure will be a great part of the workshop. The sensation of the body, mind and space will give a new range of understanding and insight of the body's movement signals. Precision and directions in space will create a feeling for the body's connection with its surroundings and open up new perspectives in space.

Our approach for finding the body's creativity is to search for the playful child inside us, use its curiosity and forget about the notions of right or wrong. Everything is allowed in the universe of movement in which improvisation has a big part.

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Dancer :

Felix A Castillo

Born in 1978 in Havana, Cuba where he graduated in Contemporary Dance at the Teatro Nacional de Cuba in 2000. He has worked with several companies in Cuba and in 2003 he joined the Compañia Danza-Teatro Retazos of Isabel Bustos.

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Johanne Castillo Bro

Born in 1980 in Odder, Denmark and educated dance-teacher at L.B. Eriksen's Danse studio in 1999, and educated dancer and teacher at the Iwanson für Zeitgenössischen Tanz in Munich 2002. She danced for at numerous of contemporary dance-companies in Paris, China and Germany.

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